Toronto Dates: Oct19-Nov4 2018; Mar 7-15, 2019, July 15-19, 2019

School Hack 4 Change-TO

BLG Presents: School Hack 4 Change - Toronto

Jumpstart Your School’s Blockchain Journey! 

Empowering Students with Blockchain

Our Committment

One area that the Blockchain Learning Group is especially focused on is introducing this technology to Secondary Schools through our customized education packages.

Our vision is that students worldwide have as much access to this technology as the corporations do, and possibly we can do our small part in showing the way to an exciting new career path for them.

Tried & Tested School Model

We have already successfully trained two prominent independent schools in Canada and Australia over the past 6 months, helping them to jump start their journeys into incorporating Blockchain for their schools and students.

Introducing BLG SchoolHack4Change!

We are now opening up our tried and tested Blockchain for High School education package to all independent secondary schools in the GTA and surroundings!

Why Blockchain For Schools?


  • Blockchain is poised to disrupt much of how we use technology today, much as the Internet did 20 years ago!
  • Industries, governments and organizations globally are committing unprecedented resources to figure out how they will leverage this emerging technology
  • One thing slowing down this train is the lack of trained developers - there simply isn’t enough developers for the demand out there today… and that gap will only get bigger over the next couple of years
  • The Blockchain Learning Group has been tirelessly working to fill that gap over the past year, with over 400 developers already trained globally across schools, corporations, governments and humanitarian agencies.
  • We have also developed Blockchain products globally through our sister company Blockscale Solutions, such as a Land Registry in India through our partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (see recent media coverage on this here)

Register Now To Reserve Your Space!

To register or get more information, please contact Murtaza Tawawala

 (Head of School Programs at the Blockchain Learning Group) at:

Phone: +1 (416) 500-8518